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Polished Concrete Sink and Washbasins

Polished concrete sinks and washbasins are a modern and stylish addition to any kitchen or bathroom. They offer a unique and durable alternative to traditional sink materials. Whether you are looking for a concrete kitchen sink or a concrete bathroom sink, there are a variety of styles and finishes available to choose from. The polished finish gives a sleek and refined look, while the concrete material provides a robust and long-lasting solution for your sink needs.

Excellent finish quality

An excellent finish quality concrete washbasin. It is important to choose a good and reputable manufacturer such as Concrete Shop and consider factors such as design, size, and finish to ensure the best results. Proper installation and maintenance also help extend the lifespan of the washbasin. If you value a modern, stylish look and excellent finish quality, the concrete product is ideal for you. Moreover, good to know concrete countertops, sinks and washbasins will be perfect for your interior, also in terms of easy maintenance, hygiene, and ease to clean. Environment friendly and safe for all ages users.

Sink & washbasins are the perfect solutions for Your Bathroom

Concrete has a wide range of technological possibilities. It
can be reinforced to create strong and durable structures,
moulded into various shapes and sizes, and even mixed
with other materials to enhance its properties.

Concrete Shop offer

Two types of sinks: kitchen “belfast sink” or
bathroom/toilet .
Classic Line of Concrete finish .Wide range of sinks that coordinate perfectly with our other products for instance bathroom worktops, as well as look elegant on their own. Available in many shapes and sizes. Sinks are available in the “classic” concrete line and in 25 different colours.

Six bathroom waste types to choose from

(Sink Price includes waste, please choose your type and colour):
A – Silver Chrome
B – Matt Black
C – Matt White
D – Gunmetal Grey
E – Antique Brass
F – Small Cap Chrome

Six kitchen waste types to choose from

(Sink Price includes waste, please choose your type and colour) :

A – Silver Chrome
B – Matt Black
C – Matt White
D – Brushed Brass
E – Copper
F – Gold


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