Concrete bar tops & reception desks

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Concrete bar tops & reception desks are

Completely customizable and handcrafted surfaces.
A popular choice for their durability, versatility, and
modern look. They are also relatively low-maintenance
and can be customized with various colours, patterns, and finishes. Concrete Shop offer a completely customizable surface. Formed and shaped to exactly match your area’s dimension as well as finish to the highest standard of design, perfectly match to destination areas. Our bar tops are ideal and highly recommended for commercials such as bars, and restaurants. Moreover, residential homes houses or Guest houses, all depend on you and your imagination.

Concrete bar tops are

Durable stain-resistant, water-resistant materials that will
last for many decades, because are re-polished and re-
sealed. Unique design and style will delight everyone.

Modern in style, Concrete bar tops and reception desks
Elegant and stylish solutions are offered for commercial
clients. Our bar tops and reception desks can be used in
restaurants and bars but will also add an elegant touch to
hotel receptions or other service areas.

Concrete finishes: Classic, Stained and Rustic

Each is available in our full range of colours. Check out our category colours and finishes for more details. Classic and elegant high-quality polished concrete comes in a full range of colours and polishing. Stained concrete is a modern combination of two concrete colours to create unique patterns on the surface. Rustic concrete, a stylish and industrial look is one of the
most desired finishes on the market.

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Offer assistance at every stage of the order, through installation and advice on the use and renewal or maintenance of concrete products.

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